A washed up Vegas lounge singer, Jack Satin (Hamilton von Watts), has no money, no job, and delusional aspirations of fame. When Jack is forced to leave Vegas, he packs up his convertible cruiser and hits the road for Atlantic City. Call it poetic justice, but his trusty classic dies in the desert and Jack is left stranded in the tiny town of Lost Springs.

There, Jack stumbles across jazz legend turned mechanic, Doc Bishop (Robert Guillaume), and a dreamy eyed bartender, Lauren Wells (Melissa Joan Hart), who make him see there is more to life than marquee signs and packed rooms.

Doc encourages Jack to explore his true love of music while Lauren provides the audience he has always craved. Just as Jack realizes the town has more to offer him than the bright lights of the big city, his Vegas past catches up with him -- what unfolds is comedy at the crossroads of life.

Jack Satin

Vegas showman, first big break shining Wayne Newton’s shoes, Cutty Sark “one rock”, classic cars, Elvis, Sinatra, Morrison, red leather loafers, The Stardust, a legend in his own mind. Played by Hamilton von Watts.

“I’m a rocket and I’m blasting off to Mars, baby. Now there is one seat left, you want it or not?”

Lauren Wells

Dreamy eyed bartender, almost married the high school quarterback, Norah Jones, Rolling Stones, The Shins, 4th of July fireworks, keeps the family business alive, unicorns, tight jeans, window shopping, film cameras, heart shaped lockets. Played by Melissa Joan Hart.

“You ever feel numb? You know, like you’re asleep, like you’re just wasting time until something important happens. And then one day you realize this thing you’re wasting time in is your life.”

Doc Bishop

Jazz legend turned mechanic, whisky drinking romantic, music mentor to the stars, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Teddy Edwards, itchy trigger finger, shaves with a straight blade, spiritual warrior. Played by Robert Guillaume.

“Music is a powerful thing. It’s the highest form of art as well as science.”

Kip Tanner

X-high school football quarterback, Ford Bronco, keg tapping, closet Karaoke star, Quiet Riot, AC/DC, Eddie Money, hunting and fishing, arm wrestling, leather vests. Played by Michael Cudlitz.

“So, I get a little emotional. I can’t help that, but he’s using you. You just can’t see it, can’t see past his flashy clothes and his whole jive-ass routine.”

Franco Franzo & Buddy Ludwig

Vegas heavies, debt collection specialists, golf, the track, Booker T and The MG’s, Dr. Dre, Sly and The Family Stone, Cuban cigars, betting on black, enjoy making people uncomfortable. Played by Perry Anzilotti & Stephen Keys.

“We don’t get the rest of the five large in twenty-four hours, we start taking fingers.”

Heaven Carrera

Vegas pole dancing champion, the color pink, Louis Vuitton purses and Jimmi Choo anything, Prince, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, prescription roulette, easy on the eyes and heavy on the wallet. Played by Jackie Debatin.

“The East Coast, I don’t have clothes for that kind of climate.”

Rose Wells

Serving it while it’s hot, Fake Ugg boots because they’re cheaper, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Bill Withers, snail mail not email, Sundays, a dog named Danger, outdoor bubble baths, black coffee. Played by Alley Mills.

“He belongs out there on the road with the music.”

Auto Draper

Monster truck rallies, searching for U.F.O.s, beekeeping, passing out at the bar, Allman Brothers, The Black Keys, Kid Rock, model planes, air guitar. Played by Chip Bent.

“You really think he’ll make it to Atlantic City?”

Rowanne Sexton

X-pin-up model turned real estate broker, into dark passion, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, Sioxsie and Banshees, tattoos and cheetah prints. Played by Stacy Travis.

“You wanna party?”

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